Music Feature: Rach Brennan & The Pines

Round two interviewing Rach Brennan & The Pines, and what a pleasure it was.

Having spoken to Rach end of last year, it is amazing to hear and see all the wonderful things they have achieved since. From releasing their debut album Here’s to Better Times & Seeing Better Places and taking over radio charts to touring and even getting cracking on writing for their next album. There’s no stopping these five; who have poured themselves emotionally, mentally and physically into the process - big claps to them for bringing out such a thoughtfully constructed album that packs a punch and an even stronger message… Scroll down to read how the magic happened, life tips, and where you can find Rach & The Pines near you.

Rach Brennan & The Pines

CW: Hi Rach, looks and sounds like you’ve been keeping busy since we last spoke! How has 2019 been for you?
RB: Hey! Nice to chat again, it has been a pretty full on start to the year. We are so excited to have released the record and have been busy writing (next album!), creating video clips, planning our tour and getting the show all special and ready.

CW: Super excited to hear your debut album Here’s To Better Times & Seeing Better Places Is now released for all our ears. What a statement! How does it feel to have this out in the world?
RB: It has been such an intense and fulfilling process, we had no idea how much work and time goes into releasing an album – writing and recording was by far the easiest part. It feels surreal, sometimes I need to pinch myself.

CW: Singles ‘Weapon of Love’, ‘Underground’ and ‘I Wanna See You’ have already taken over the charts, being a big hit on Triple J, Triple J Unearthed and Double J! This is incredible and I’m sure just the beginning. Do you remember the first time you heard your songs on the radio? 
RB: We feel very welcomed into radio land, particularly by Nkechi from Roots N All on Triple J and Sarah Howells from Stir it Up on Double J – these girls have gotten around all our releases and have made us feel super special (thankyou!). The first time was way before RB&TP, I recorded and released a little ditty called ‘Outside’ and it was played on community radio where I live in Geelong. It was very overwhelming to my 18 year old, never-thought-it-would-happen brain!

CW: Here’s To Better Times & Seeing Better Places delves right into a heartfelt filled album, beautifully constructed with each song flowing into the next. Can you fill us in on the creative process and how it all came together? 
RB: The songs for the album were written over the space of a few years, some by myself, others by and in collaboration with my brother Liam who is the bassist for The Pines. Once the bones of the songs were written (chords, lyrics, melody) we would take them to the band and collaborate on how we wanted it to sound with Cam, Levi and Kane adding their talents to it. All five of us are so invested in the writing process which I love. 

CW: You have poured yourself into this album evident throughout the catchy, raw and consistent lyrics “And your mouth, it is a gun. With your words as bullets you shoot our love.” What does this album mean for you?
RB: Those lyrics from Weapon of Love, probably one of the most emotional songs I’ve ever written and it formed the basis of what this album came to be about. To me, particularly in performing the songs live, this album is cathartic and liberating. Writing these songs and creating the album has brought so much good into my life.

CW: Wearing your heart on your sleeve, thank you for keeping it real and sharing your feelings and life experiences with the world. Any advice for those going through similar experiences?
RB: I like to trust that the things we go through help us grow and lead us to bigger and better things. Be open, talk to people, don’t shut things in.

CW: The tour has already kick-started in Victoria, what is your favourite song to perform live and why?
RB: There are so many favourite moments of the set but I will always love ‘Slippery Slope’ because the boys get to feature and I get a break off the mic to appreciate their amazing-ness! The other one would be ‘Better Lies’, the outro with the ‘Here’s to Seeing Better Times and Seeing Better Places/Stop Running’ chant makes me feel like my heart is going to fall out of my chest every single time.

CW: Keeping yourselves busy amongst the chart successes and your own tour; you have also been supporting numerous Australian music acts. Who would be your dream collaboration?
RB: I’d love to collaborate with so many people and plan to do so more in the future. Some dream collabs include Isabella Manfredi, Sia and my girl Tess Guthrie (check her out!)

CW: Can we spot you at any music festivals this year?
RB: Our next festival is Jamberoo Music Fest in NSW, July 20. Stay tuned for more festival news over the next few months!