Music Feature: SangLien

Round 2 with SangLien, bringing you their new single STARS.

 It was a pleasure to catch up with SangLien again, whose new release features vocals by Dale Randolph. Dale also sung vocals for his last song ‘A Little Darkness’. Friendly reminder that SangLien is made up of Sydney DJ and producer John-Alexander.

Currently living on opposite sides of the world, which could seem impossible for some, has not stopped this duo from working together seamlessly and releasing their new hit STARS. By the sounds of it, this situation has been very rewarding, giving John and Dale more freedom, strengthening their trust and musical abilities.

STARS is a pretty special piece, holding 2 meanings; you can take it quite literally or in a more cultural sense. As Dale explains where he finds inspiration from below, i think we could all take note when he states, “I should stop putting so much pressure on myself and just enjoy the ride.”

The year ahead awaits lots of shows/releases, including the launch gig of STARS.
Catch SangLien plus Dale’s solo project this Saturday June 1st at Blue Fig Bar, Enmore – always a good time.

Hey Dale, how’s the other side of the world (Europe) treating you?  
Hey Clair! It’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks, as I’m in the process of heading back to Sydney in June and we still have a few songs plus a video clip to finish, but life is dope for now.

Working alongside producer John aka Sanglien, can you briefly fill us in on the creative process? 
So John and I sometimes just send rough ideas back and forward to get feedback on whether it’s actually something cool or just total shite. When he sent through the demo for this track I was sold straight away and that day I put down some vocals and sent it back. Once he was on board with having me on the track, then it was just a matter of working through the song structure together and making a little more space in the production for the vocals.

I am really intrigued to know what it was like working on your new single ‘Stars’ with someone not living in the same country as you?
I think writing and recording a song over such a long distance really only works if you trust the other person’s judgement. Usually if you’re in the same room then there is a constant revolving door of ideas and every decision is discussed, often too much. For this process he would send me a version, I would play around with it and add something, then send it back and he would do the same. Because you have time to digest their ideas and don’t have to react to them in real time, it actually means that you can take a lot of the ego out of it. It does take longer, but it ends up being a pretty even balance of what we each bring to the table.

The intro to this piece is really strong, and the lyrics definitely support. Where do you draw inspiration from?
Nice of you to say so! The lyrics in this song are about stars in both the real and I guess the ‘cultural’ sense. As someone pursuing music as a career, I inevitably compare my success to celebrities, which is a pretty shitty rabbit hole and usually ends with feelings like hopelessness or impossibility. One of the little things that helps me avoid this is going out at night and watching the moon and the stars. It makes me feel so insignificant and that it doesn’t really matter what any of us do, so I should stop putting so much pressure on myself and just enjoy the ride.

Do you get writers block? And do you have any tips for it?
Absolutely and the only thing that really works for me is persistence. It has taken me anywhere from two seconds to two whole days to write a line, but it does always come. It’s worse when you’re writing for someone else in a session and they are expecting results immediately, but you just have to try and try and try things until something sticks. I guess going for walks and a change of scenery helps to stop you from going insane, but I think it’s mainly just persistence. Maybe I could use some better advice from someone else about this…

How did you title this single? And how does the title reflect the song?  
I suppose this is answered in the earlier question. It’s the most important word in the song.

Can we expect to see an album anytime soon?
An album? I’m not so sure, but definitely an EP.

What does the future have in store for you?
Well we have the single launch for ‘Stars’ on June 1st, then the launch for my own single ‘Full Contact’ on June 13th at Lazybones in Sydney. Followed by more shows and an EP in July/August I suspect!