Music Feature: Pleasure Coma

Introducing Tasker - Pleasure Coma

Pardon the pun but it definitely was a pleasure to interview Tasker from Pleasure Coma. Having just released their debut single, Waiting, the band are sticking it to the music industry. Along with their obscure music video, which features an excessive consumption of milk to further express the tracks lyrics of being fed bullshit (not that milk is).

“Waiting is about the constant frustration of being told to hold off and push back releasing music as an artist and all the bullshit that stops you from reaching your full potential or at being content that you gave it your all” - Tasker (Vocals/Guitar)

Taking on a DIY approach, the bands energy combined with carefully crafted songwriting is certain to help Pleasure Coma stand out from the crowd. Having been signed to the Su-Ku-Ya management roster, the boys are definitely already turning heads.

Single launch for Waiting will be taking place at the Lansdowne Hotel this Friday, (25.01.2019) and I have a good feeling that this is going to be one helluva night; if their headline gig at the Chippo is anything to go by… “We packed the place out and whilst I was crowd surfing in the nude…” read the Q&A below to find out what happened!

Hey Tasker, hope you’re well! Since knowing your name it’s been bugging me how you got dubbed this? And whilst we’re on the topic, how/who came up with ‘Pleasure Coma’ and why?
I inherited the name from my father, who also inherited it from his father and so on. I came up with the name Pleasure Coma when I was researching how to induce myself into a coma. Long story really...

Hailing from Guyra, what was it like growing up in this tiny regional town?
When you’re young you seem to be naive to everything, the good n the bad, so I enjoyed it. My family were kind to me even if the world wasn’t kind to them. I moved to Coffs Harbour a few years into primary school.

For those who haven’t heard of you, how did you guys meet and how would you best describe Pleasure Coma?
I essentially absorbed the members when they all quit a band that went to shit because of the frontman being a dick and they’ve been my best friends ever since. I’d describe Pleasure Coma as a concoction of energy, debauchery and love for each other and music. It will always be like that.

Congrats on releasing your very first recorded piece! Waiting. How does it feel putting this out in the world? 
It feels like downing a litre of gatorade after a night out. Fucking relieving. 

Waiting explores a strong message within the music industry. Can you share what this single is addressing? Waiting, coming from my point of view as being an artist is about being told to hold off releasing music, hold off playing shows, hold off this, hold off that, hold off anything that makes you feel like you going somewhere. It happens to sooooo many artists who start to dive into the industry, whether it’s an A&R, bookers or management, you find yourself being told what to do, which is nothing. Bullshit!

The music video for Waiting was filmed in your share house along with recording your debut EP here too. Can you touch on the creative process/experience of doing so in your house? 
My house, aka Zamia, has a long, long history of musicians and creatives, just scraping by, making the art they love inside it’s walls. I feel inspired in there and I have the best housemate in the world, Ash Lim, who also works from their, who keeps my work ethic and productivity in check. We grind hard all day and night.

*Disclosure* How much milk was actually consumed in the making of the music vid? 
4 x 1 Litre bottles of milk. I’d say at least 3 litres made its way back up after the shoot.

“Always anchored to carefully crafted songwriting.” Being a songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, would you say you take ownership over the lyrics and infectious melody of your songs, or is it a combined effort between the four of you?
I pretty much write all the Pleasure Coma songs myself, similar to Tame Impala (minus the v necks, scarves and platinum records). I do like to bounce ideas, especially in regards to structure and certain parts of the arrangement, off the rest of the lads who in their own rights are incredible songwriters. 

You’ve shared stages with some unreal artists (Gooch Palms, Bleeding Knees Club) and were blessed with an opening set at Splendour in the Grass 2018. What’s your most memorable gig to date and why? 
Our most memorable show so far would have to be our first headline gig at The Chippo. We packed the place out and whilst I was crowd surfing in the nude the sound guy had a huge fucking fit and turned the PA off and aggressively tried to shutdown the show which resulted in chaos from all parties.

And where can we see you next perform? 
We’re playing a single launch in Sydney at The Landsdowne with our local favs Cosmic Flanders and Tazzy psych god, Carl Renshaw

You have an upcoming 3-track EP, Naked. Will the songs take a similar approach to Waiting? 

Plans for the year ahead?
Release a few more EP’s, finish more records and tour relentlessly.