Music Feature: EGOISM

Introducing EGOISM; Sydney-based dream pop duo.

What a pleasure it was interviewing Scout Eastment and Olive Rush from EGOISM.
Having released their first EP It’s Wearing Off back in 2017, this year they follow up with a new single titled Sorry. Exploring a modern electronic twist you can expect to hear more sounds from EGOSIM who have announced a 2nd EP, music video and an East Coast Tour.

On a side note just in time for RUOK Day, Scout and Olive are fine examples of two people looking out for eachother other whilst creating some sweet tunes and surrounding themselves with good people.

Crank the volume and click play below so you can have a listen and a scroll whilst reading about that one time EGOISM played in a Mansion, some advice on being in the music industry (which applies to daily life) and why SORRY was created.

Hey Scout, Olive, for those who don’t know the two of you, can you briefly introduce yourselves?
Hi this is Scout and Olive. We both play guitar, sing and write songs for Egoism. We both grew up in the inner west of Sydney and yeah, we still live here in our parents houses haha.

So your duo formed back in the good old days of High School; who initiated the new beginning?
SCOUT: Olive definitely has done the most of those annoying reminder messages, “When are you free? When are we working on music next? Why aren’t you replying instantly?”. But a lot of the actual momentum comes from me, especially when we first started out.

OLIVE: Yeah except then Scout actually taking her HSC seriously and didn’t want to do music stuff for ages so I just spent 6 months making weird demos. But yeah since high school ended it’s been pretty equal.

You just released your brand new single Sorry off your upcoming second EP last Friday. How does it feel to release this new tune into the world?
OLIVE: I think every musician gives the exact same answer to this question because it’s such a similar experience for everyone no matter how successful you are.

SCOUT: Nervous, relieved, excited, anxious, hopeful. Those are all the buzz words I could think of off the top of my head haha.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I counted ‘sorry’ about 20 times when listening. Why was this song created and who is it aimed to?
SCOUT: I wrote the chorus literally right after having an argument with someone. It’s just about the annoying people who’d rather make you apologize for something you didn’t even do than admit any fault of their own.

OLIVE: People who take their own double standards so seriously that they’re willing to convince you that your version of what happened is completely wrong. Gaslighting is the word for that.

How do you share the creative process of writing a song?
OLIVE: We both tend to write things section by section, so we’ll have a little loop with a vocal melody and we’ll see if that works with anything similar that either of us have written.

SCOUT: So for example, with Sorry, I wrote the chorus and bridge and showed that to Olive. Then they wrote the verse and all the drums and lead guitar parts. That’s a very simplified version though!

What inspires you in life? When creating music?
SCOUT: 100% of the time it’s procrastinating uni work

OLIVE: I think creating music is a bit of a compulsive habit now. More often than not, I get inspired to give creating music a bit of break for the day, rather than the other way around.

You’ve supported some pretty rad bands including Flyying Colours, Stonefield and Deafcult and played in some interesting venues. What’s been your most memorable gig to date?
OLIVE: All of our high school gigs were insane. Still one of the only times anyone has ever tried to mosh to us.

SCOUT: We once played a friend’s 18th at a mansion in Bowral. Probably the messiest party I’ve ever seen, we played in a giant corridor next to a billiards room and a huge white grand piano. We had to cut the set short because our drummer was getting to the point where he was too high to play anything anymore hahaha.

The music industry can be tough, what’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?SCOUT: Just keep playing gigs and writing songs.

OLIVE: It’s a cliche but yeah you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Surround yourself with kind, passionate and organised(!) people and trust your instincts!

What’s next?
Music video out next week.
2nd single, 2nd EP, very soon ;)