Music Feature: Raindrop

aka Miles Devine

MILES DEVINE on the making of his new retro filled, addictive record MILD MELTDOWNS

COVER ART - Raindrop - Mild Meltdowns.jpg

Throwing it back to 2016 when Devine kickstarted the recording of Mild Meltdowns and now in 2018 has released not one but three helluva tunes! With inspiration from The Beatles and The Flaming Lips, expect your brain to be wrapped up in dream-like tones, shimmering with guitars, synths and somewhat nostalgic vocals.


Hey Miles (aka Raindrop), how has twenty-eighteen been treating you?
Hi there! It’s just all gone so fast but it’s been great! Releasing a record has sure made it feel like a productive year but!

Mild Meltdowns has been underway since Autumn of twenty-sixteen, how do you feel to finally release your debut album into the world?
It feels amazing. So much of my life has been put into this record. It’s relieving and satisfying because it’s now out of my control.

Consisting of three dream-like singles, but radiating their own unique qualities; can you briefly touch on the creative process, involving your “ultimate studio band”?
Well, when the “ultimate studio band” collaborate with me, I first present them with the song that I’ve written, we then learn it so we can begin to manipulate and warp it naturally by our different styles fusing.

I heard your girlfriend assisted with the lyrics, spending lengthy periods of time from morning until evening to write. Can you delve into the message Mild Meltdowns explores and was created for?
We used writing this record as therapy for ourselves. This really helped us overcome the weird problems we have with the world and how we deal with it.

For those who missed the Album Launch, where can we expect to see you next?
We will hopefully be touring with Richard in Your Mind this Spring!

What does the future have instore?
Another album. A weirder one…

Morning kick-starter
Dear prudence- The Beatles

Go to pick-me up
Village Green- The Kinks

Bed time tune
Asleep From Day- The Chemical Brothers

Road trip
Fearless- Pink Floyd

Chill out
My Jinji- Sunset Rollercoaster

Favourite Aussie act
Come to this – The Sleepy Jackson

Secret indulgence
Let me Blow ya Mind- Eve