Like no other, Aleira Moon brings a powerful presence into this world. I admire her existence and the work that pours out of her. I am very excited to be sharing this piece with you all. 

Since Miss Moon was fourteen years old she has been capturing, creating, and developing these insanely raw, mystical, feminine and yet wild images. I honestly get lost scrolling through her photographs, (as i fittingly listen to Poolside's cover of 'Harvet Moon' on repeat).   

I'm not telling you what to do but i highly recommend you take some time out to read this interview, and gaze at Aleira's work! This is only a small selection, but view her website or Instagram to follow her powerful journey; currently working on her first solo show, Djing and an 8-week magical journey 'Walking the Worlds'.

"Don’t get bitter, get better" - Moon, A. 

What is your name and where are you based?
Aleira Moon, based in Melbourne currently.

How do you identify yourself?
A soul in a strong and sexy body, navigating a landscape made out of chaos and ecstatic experiences.

When did you first pick up a camera? And why this creative form over others?
I actually first picked up my dad’s canon t70 35mm cam when I was 14, snuck it out of the house to take to my friend’s house to shoot raunchy lingerie shots of her, for her then 17 year old boyfriend (yeahhh, girls in the area I grew up in started young).
I actually had been studying for years to be an actress and had planned to go to NIDA in Sydney, but I ended up falling in love with photography when I was 16. Taking a photography class in a public college I went to for year 11 and 12, I learnt how to develop my own film and print in the darkroom and am so grateful for that!
I was always doing super weird shit with collages and light play with my work and I was constantly stoned, so would be in the computer rooms at lunchtime making random html websites or in the photography darkrooms alone.

I think I cultivated my art through loneliness… how romantic...

Can you fill us in on your creative vision?
My creative vision is all over the shop. I like trying out new ways of shooting and editing, I’m totally obsessed with shooting people and only on occasion can I shoot a badass Pinterest looking landscape.
I love aesthetics, rawness, beauty, depth, magic, nature, sexuality, power, mystery.

Your images express a high attention to detail and distinctive style; is there a running theme to the work you create?  
I guess if I look at my work from a distanced perspective there definitely is a running theme, though I’ve never intended it to be that way!
Some of the words that come through are sexuality, femininity, witchiness, wildness, real, nature based, feeling, powerful, expressive.

I could easily get lost scrolling through your photographs, they beam numerous qualities: alluring, empowering, timeless, sharp yet subtly hazy and warm. How do you portray what you capture?
I get an idea in my head that I want to try out and luckily I’ve been able to work with some beautiful young models and makeup artists who love working with me, so we just keep creating together!
What I share on social media and my website is honestly about 30% of the actual work I’ve created, but the perfectionist self comes out a lot, and so I have backlogs of years of work that might never have any other eyes on them… I like to dream that it could be a scenario of when I pass on, later in the year 4000 my work will be found on a hard drive and become a relic for the times of the 2000’s. Not so inspiring as an intact painting found behind a wall in a monastery, but would still be pretty cool :)

What drives and inspires you the most?
Change. I get bored very quickly… I’ve literally recently taken up djing and also created an 8 week magical journey called Walking The Worlds, because I just have this drive to keep creating and expressing in the world!!!

It’s clear you have worked on some incredible collaborations; do you have a favourite?
To date, I actually feel like my favourite collab is a recent one with a beautiful dream team, shooting a collection by designer Evaleen Motoska. I’m super down for handmade, organic, boutique type apparel and jewelry; supporting small local designers is where it’s at!

Anything currently in the works?
Plenty of things, but in particular I am actually working on my first solo show (finally took me 5 years to actually say YES to it), which will be launching towards the end of 2018, so watch out for that one, it’s going to be fun! I’ve got a whole night experience planned for it, it’s definitely not going to be your typical gallery opening.

Where and what can we find you doing when not creating?
Doing witchy shit with the moon, internet stalking for homewares I don’t need, dancing with friends, consulting myself on how unnecessary my road rage can get sometimes, talking to my two cats like they get what I’m saying, firming my jiggle at the gym, drinking a lot of tea, doing temple arts work, getting up whenever I want in the mornings.

Words of advice?
Don’t get bitter, get better.
Never fall in love with the potential of someone. If you can’t love them wholly and completely as they are right now, you’re living in a fantasy.

What does the future have in store?  
2Time speeding up, humans waking up in mass, I’ll travel more and meet even more amazing people from around the world!