Introducing Rach Brennan - front-woman of Rach Brennan & The Pines.

The last five years have seen lots of change for this sunny spirit, including various band members, life experiences, song writing, support shows and travel. The future isn’t slowing down either, having just released a brand new single I Wanna See You (you’re in for a real treat), Rach Brennan & The Pines are also about to embark on tour (dates below). It was a delight to chat to Rach, who touches on her creative process, how she keeps things real in the music industry and what the future has in store.

Most importantly, if you haven’t yet blessed your ears with this upbeat song that combines indie-pop with a roots vibe then make sure you do below! AND if you’re digging this then good news ‘cause they’re about to release their debut album - stay tuned!

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CW: Hey Rach, hope you’re well! For those who don’t know you, can you introduce yourself?
RB: Hey! I am great thank you for asking - it’s been a really busy and exciting time. I am a songwriter and musician from Geelong and front-woman to my band Rach Brennan & The Pines.

CW: How did your band aka ‘The Pines’ form?
RB: My band has been through a few different line-ups’ in its 5-year life span, but ‘The Pines’ who are Liam, Cam, Levi and Kane have been constant for the last 2. Liam is my brother, we have always played music and written together so it was only natural to have him as my right-hand bass man. Cam and Kane were both close friends who were busy with many other bands, I asked them to do some session work (or so they thought) and they never left. Levi was also helping out for a fill in gig… that was 3 years ago. I guess I kinda trick people into being in my band, thanks guys!

CW: You just released a brand new single, I Wanna See You which is an upbeat ode to young love. How and why was this song conceived?
RB: This was a song that first came about quite a few years ago. I guess back when you’re a teenager, every time you pick up a guitar it turns into a song - so we’re very lucky that it was this little gem that came into our lives. It’s very un-pretentious in a satisfying way because of this, it’s mainly two chords and there’s not many words. I like looking back at the words as if someone else wrote them, “I’m begging for this girl to take a peek/take a look into the world” is especially 16-year-old cute.

CW: It’s a damn catchy tune, particularly “I wanna see you my Maria (ooh la la’s)” – which brings me to Maria; is she a metaphor or a certain someone?
RB: Maria is definitely a certain someone although that’s not her name, and she knows who she is! Luckily she likes the song a lot though...

But like everything we do we hope people read it in a way where people can sing it about their own ‘Marias’ and make it about their own giddy crushes or whatever the song means to them. That’s the beauty in its simplicity is that the song is like an unfinished canvas for people to paint over if they’d like to. As I said, we’ve had it around for a long time so we’d be glad for the fans to borrow it for a while.

CW: You’re working on a new album to be released next year (which is sooo close), how’s that going and can you touch on your creative process when writing songs.
RB: The album is finished and ready for your ears! We are currently just working through our release schedule with a few more singles up our sleeve before we hand over the whole record. In regard to song writing it is usually myself and Liam that work on something, whether it be chords, lyrics, riffs, melody or the whole shebang and then bring it to the group. Once the bones are there it’s a really collaborative process with the whole band. Everyone comes from different tastes and styles and are really opinionated when it comes to what we like and don’t like, there’s a lot of mucking around and laughing too. It’s pretty fun making music with your best friends that’s for sure.

CW: I appreciate that you’re keeping things real with a unique sound and sunny spirit! However, the music industry can be tough, what’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
RB: It can be tough at times; I think that comes hand in hand with not only the music industry but also running your own business. I have been grateful to receive heaps of advice over the years but feel that the important stuff includes being kind to people, being true to yourself as an artist and going for it.

CW: What inspires you most in life? And when creating music?
RB: Music, people, words, relationships. I am pretty in awe of just about everything in life - sometimes it is hard to translate that into a song and other times it pours out.

CW: Apart from your upcoming tour – which is super exciting, what’s next?
RB: After this tour we will work on releasing the next single, it doesn’t really stop behind the scenes. Over the last few weeks we have been doing a heap of writing. Levi and I are moving down to Torquay for the summer and are planning on doing some recording/pre-production for the next release after the album. Being a musician is kinda like living in the future!