Artist of the Week: Bradlee Wiseman


Oh so Wise(man) Bradlee is bursting with colour, flavour and fun. His growing collection of artworks are seriously so damn tasty looking it's left me wanting a rainbow paddle pop on this fine and dandy day... In the midst of studying, moving house, and putting on his own exhibition Brad kindly answered a big bunch of questions i had been longing to ask. Another gem amongst hundreds of emerging artists - glance ya eyes over this one for good tips and good times!! 

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Hey Brad, how are you?
Hey, I am very well, just getting through life.

Tell us the cool backstory of your life? 
I don’t know if I have a cool backstory... Although I moved to Newtown earlier in the year; that has been super fun, as well as really influential to my art practice.

When did you first start creating?
For me, making is a visualisation of how I perceive the world. So I have always been creating, even from a young age. The only thing that changes is the medium or the way I choose to create.

How did you get to where you are today? 
It is honestly such a process. I mean there are definitely things that offer better opportunities or help, like: art school, people, and friends. Other times it can be as simple as being in the right place at the right time.

Tell us about your artworks:
My Work deals with self, space, and its' objects, using qualities of playfulness and humour. I am trying to develop an ongoing understanding of anxiety, identity, and being. I am not going to lie, It is a constant process that I may never resolve (maybe later in life, lol).

Can you give us an insight into your creative process? 
More recently I will go into a space and draw, paint, take photos and try not to put too much pressure on making something specific. Just trying to react to the visual culture that I am surrounded by.

Your artworks are so colourful, with a lot going on they are still calming with connotations to an inner child. Would you agree with this?
Yeah of course, I mean my work is pretty subversive so I am happy for different and other opinions to inform the work.

Where has your style evolved from?
Definitely a love for colour, drawing and just making things that are fun.

Who/what/where do you draw inspiration from?
Everything from music and friends to tutors and some dude stealing flowers in someones garden (I honestly saw that the other day).

You have recently been doing numerous exhibitions/shows; what’s it like to see your own work hanging on the walls?
Exciting and nervous at the same time. You put so much energy and self into the works they become very personal.

Any upcoming exhibitions/shows we can go check out?
Oh yeah, there are always amazing shows to see: Verge Gallery, which is apart of Sydney Uni has an amazing show at the moment, MCA primavera, Tonee messiah at gallery 9 (that one is so amazing).

Favourite artwork to date?
No idea haha that is a hard one, I just love so much art, plus I change my mind way to often.

Aims for the future?
I want to focus on my practice for a couple of years. Travel and experience new ways of making. But first I need to finish studying..

Any tips/advice for emerging artists?
Being an emerging artist myself, I find the best thing is having a strong community of friends that are artists. It helps to ask, talk and flesh out ideas with people that can help develop those ideas.