Artist of the Week: Lenni Dee



Explore the wonderful world of Lenni Dee. A now Sydney based Artist creating some purely alluring imagery through numerous outlets including: photography, words, graphic design, drawing and painting. Not letting the personally challenging dyslexia stand in her way, this beauty is a strong individual and definitely one to watch. 

...Read below for a sweet 'lil Q&A into her life... 

Hey Lenni! What are you doing right now?
Hey! Just sat down with a beer.

Can you share a little bit about yourself? 
I'm 19 and just moved to the inner west of Sydney with my dog Scout and spend most of my time making stuff... My favourite media at the moment would have to be photography but i do really enjoy to paint; its like a treat for me to do something with my hands over a computer.

You go by the nickname ‘Batty’, how did this come about?
OH sooo my first tattoo... I didn't know what i wanted so i just got a fruit bat on my leg.

What do you love about graphic design?
Being able to communicate visually; words have never been my strong point as I have dyslexia. 

Aside from being a graphic designer, your photographs and drawings are next level. Where did you learn to draw/take photos or did it come naturally to you? 
I've always loved making stuff with my hands, it came easy to me. When i was growing up i always felt shit with how i did at school. Having trouble reading and writing made me feel useless and dumb, I was pretty depressed about it growing up and always felt ashamed but being able to take photos and draw really helped, it made me feel good about myself and not feel so useless. 

If you had to compare your style of work to a colour, which would it be?
Would have to be baby pink - its just a sweet colour.   

Artist (past or present) that you would love to work alongside?
Great question. Funny enough Jenny Holzer; most of her works involve words with visuals

Biggest influence/inspiration?
The 60s, mundane objects, social constructs.

Your Instagram page is a beautiful collection of your life and work, what’s your favourite piece?
I don't really have a favourite I'm only ever happy with work for five minutes then I'm bored of it but if i had to pick it would have to be the first thing i can remember drawing in kindergarten; it was a self portrait and it was messy but you could tell it was me!

Future Goals?
To have enough works to have a show. 

Some magick pieces above and below or check the rest of Lenni's work over at Facebook or Instagram