Interview - Alyce Eden

The nurturing and determined qualities of Capricorn beam out of this powerful soul; with a love for creating, nature and travel… Meet Alyce Eden who lives for the art of life, “I’m the happiest when creating and editing” shares Alyce.

About a week ago on a refreshing rainy Sunday morning Alyce and I embarked on a little exploration, sharing life stories whilst she captured me on her camera, I interviewing her… Back in the days of high school when we were young and naïve, Alyce much like myself spent the better half of her days covering her work books with doodles, as she expresses “I wasn’t very good in school, always drawing and fiddling.” Like a flame always burning to create Alyce did whatever she could to turn this interest of hers, or as teachers viewed it “unproductive” into a job. From here she has expressed herself in numerous art forms including: painting, photography, typography, design, styling or any medium really that she can get her hands on turning it into a piece of art.

Picking up a camera a little over five years ago Alyce delved into yet another artistic path on her journey, as she states “I have always been an artist and painter but when I was nineteen and working in childcare I decided I wanted to do photography.” Undergoing an Associates Degree of Arts (Visual Communication) whilst remaining to work in childcare this talent expresses her desire to be a freelancer “I love it; being around kids you realise how much they appreciate the little things but I’ve come to a point where I need a job that’s creative all the time!”

Currently based in Sydney, Alyce has had the opportunity to explore parts of the world in such an eye opening way; I admire her freedom, her spirit and her gifted hands. “I went to America and Mexico for two months; being on the road travelling around, just two girl’s road tripping in a van was an experience like no other,” she muses “There were times we would have to Google influential neighbourhoods so we could park on the road and not get rolled.” Travelling isn’t unknown to this beauty, whereby her mother and also biggest inspiration travelled the world before bringing Alyce into it, “I never want to stop travelling; I remember growing up and looking at mum’s photo-filled albums of all these beautiful places like Egypt and Africa, so I guess I got the bug pretty early!” she furthers.

Having experienced fashion photography down the track Alyce has steered a little away from that, desiring to capture people’s personalities rather than just a posed still with no emotion as she adds, “My favourite photos are when someone’s unaware, being more in the moment and expressing through their eyes.” Taking her images to a whole new level, once shot she plays around with various effects to create these alluring, raw and pure images. Drawing inspiration from photographer Dana Trippe (whose edits are out of this world), Alyce combines her two loves of creating and editing (TIP ALERT) “I put them through Photoshop to fix up the background and lighting then make my own pre-sets which I put through light room, retouch and then back to Photoshop to draw, print or paint over them,” Alyce explains.

With a love also for nature you can expect to find Alyce outdoors 99% of the time, a place where she can manipulate the light and explore new settings. And on that note, Alyce is about to explore a whole new avenue as a fully-fledged freelancer “I’m going to keep trying everything until I can make it a daily job,” she exclaims.

P.S: Keep an eye out for her website which she is currently updating to include all her work under one roof!