Q&A w/Claudia Harrison

Claudia Harrison
   Scorpio 🦂

She loves Liv Tyler, darts and painting faces... Meet Claudia Harrison – the strong woman who is so much more than just a make-up fanatic, “As I've gotten older it's become more of an art form for me” expresses Claudia.

Tell us a bit about yourself…
I am currently working at Sephora and during my spare time I'm usually either asleep, smoking too much, or writing dribble.

And a fun fact?
I can lick my own elbow.

Is make-up more of just a “hobby” or a “career” for you?
It began as a hobby but thankfully has become a job for me. From working in Sephora to doing clients makeup, it’s pretty cool being able to work in what you love!

When did your interest in make-up art come alive?
I used to bag my older sister out so much for wearing makeup; I always had this idea that it was made to impress other people and served absolutely no purpose bar that. When I hit puberty I did begin to wear it to become more attractive to people (mostly boizzz) but as I've gotten older it's become more of an art form for me and less of a self confidence booster. 

What do you love about creating?
I love being able to enhance your own/other people's features by using colour, depth and funky techniques. For me, doing makeup is like painting a portrait. It requires a lot of practise and a steady hand. But really, like art, there are no set rules and you can make it as out there or refined as you like.

What’s your speciality?
Winged eyeliner is definitely the speciality. In saying that, I've been doing it for about 6 years and I still have days where I look like an idiot because I've done my liner super wonky or about 10 inches thick.

Can you let us in on your secret to perfecting it?
My number one tip would be to draw the bottom of the wing first, then draw a line from your inner to the outer corner of your eye and join the wing by drawing the top line in (this doesn't really make sense on paper ha-ha).

Your eyeshadows are hot as fuck, any tips?
Thanks gal! Literally with eye shadow the key is to blend. You gotta blend harder than a Northern Beaches MILF blends a kale smoothie. Begin with a light colour (aka transition colour) and work this into the crease of your eye, slowly begin to add more depth by darkening the crease (I always like to go slightly darker in the outer corners). Feel free to pack whatever colour on your actual lid. I always love to do a matte crease and a shimmery lid - see some pics for inspo.

Do you have a routine for face care, can you share it with us?
Yes! Skin care is so important, in order for your makeup to look 10/10 your skin has to be cared for properly. I currently cleanse with the Philosophy Purity Cleanser, I tone with either Arcona Cranberry Toner or Clinique Toner, then I moisturise with my Estelle & Thild Biohydrate Day Cream or my Philosophy Take A Deep Breath moisturiser. I'm also fkn obsessed with masks: Sephora rose mask is my go to, I'm also loving the Origins Retexturising Mask and their Drink Up Intensive Mask. My skin care is maybe a little excessive but a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do.

What inspires you?
I draw inspiration from everyday life, really. In terms of makeup, the weather and my surroundings are a huge influence. I'm all about seasonally appropriate looks. Sounds a bit pretentious but sometimes I'll just really engage with something in my environment like a particular hue in the sunset, and I will then attempt to translate that into my makeup.

Are you working on anything that we can expect to see in the near future?
At the moment I'm actually working on writing and writing music as well, I'll definitely be posting more on my makeup account but it's not necessarily a priority.

Who would be your dream face to paint? Or someone to collaborate with?
I'd love to do makeup on Liv Tyler but that's honestly coz I really wanna meet her; I have an unhealthy crush on her. If I could collab with anyone it'd be Ania Milczarczyk - her makeup is literally insane. She has this crazy ability to make everyone look like a sun kissed, bright eyed goddess and I need to know her secrets.

What is the most precious thing in your make-up collection?
Probably the first eye shadow palette I ever received (Urban Decay Naked Palette). I used it incessantly from about 13-15 however even though I don't use it much now, I still associate it with the beginning of my love for makeup.

What make-up product do you own most of?
Definitely eye shadow or brushes; I'm a hoarder.

Most embarrassing make-up trend or moment?
I once wore silver eyeshadow and red lipstick on my 12th birthday despite some very stern disapproval from my mum and sister. I looked like an idiot. Also, the really dark, square brow trend. I'm all for people who enjoy these trends or looks, I really just can't personally pull them off.

How long does it take to do your own make-up/on someone else?
It can take me anywhere from 10 minutes to 1.5 hours to do my own makeup. Usually it takes me 45 minutes to an hour on others. 

What would you call yourself (or be) if you were a make-up product?
If I were an existing product I'd like to think I'd be the Too Faced "Better Than Sex" mascara because much like me, the mascara is not better than sex and extremely talked up. If I could make a product, I'd probably be like the Lazy Dart Lady foundation which just conceals everything including your mistakes and regrets.

What are your goals/aims for the future?
Funnily enough I don't actually see myself doing makeup in my future. As much as I love it, I see makeup more as a hobby for myself rather than a career. To be honest though you could ask me what I'll be doing tomorrow and I wouldn't know… I'm pretty darn clueless.