Babe to know

Name: Alicia Dunstan
Age: Nineteen
Zodiac: Taurus
TREAT YOUR EYES to an exclusive feature starring mother earth and its gifts of girls and nature combined.

Natural beauty and daydreamer Alicia Dunstan currently lives in Warriewood on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Taking a visit to Mona Vale’s Rough & Bare and joining forces with Alicia herself we discussed topics of nature, travel, photography, love and life whilst sneakily sharing some damn sweet treats.

Throwing it back to the day Alicia was around ten she would devote her free time (when not being home schooled) amongst her family veggie patch. Whilst absorbing these beautiful home grown nutrients she picked up her first camera and the results were magical. Along with the veggie patch another first photo memory included butterflies mating, being fascinated with this moment it drew her attention towards that of flora, fauna and the human form.

Undertaking Art and Photography as a major in the HSC, Alicia continues to take enriching photographs reproducing images that are real, raw and full of character. Illustrating mystical and spiritual features her passion and inspiration lies within a moment, the ability to freeze time in a single frame and allowing one including herself to look back on that instant in periods when positivity and motivation are lacking; being a tonic in themselves to nourish her mind and body. This comforting sensation relates not only back to the image but also to the thoughts that pass through Alicia’s mind when shooting and the memories attached of purity, focus and engagement. 

Young emerging artists face a lot of pressure due to the highly competitive nature of this industry which is bursting with numerous talented people. However, this golden girl is sure putting the 27 bones in her hands to good use… Not only gifting the world with her illuminating imagery but physically relieving us of any pain with her massage skills - currently studying Massage Therapy at Nature Care College.  

The shoot that intrigued me most of all was The Big Tree. Whilst Alicia and her alluring friend Francheska Coenraads were exploring the landscape of Byron they embraced life and jumped a fence which lead them to a breathtaking tree where these soulful photographs (as seen below) derived from. You can also glimpse numerous natural beauties like that of Sarah Park and Maximiliane Hansen throughout the Girls Series. This thing called life leads us on many adventures and discoveries and this one is not to be missed.  

Fun Facts – Getting to know
Golden hour: Sunset
Ultimate release: The ocean
Powerful place: Hinterland, Byron
A hidden treasure: McCarrs Creek Reserve
Camera: Currently using a Canon EOS 5D III DSLR
One thing you always have on you: My camera
Who would you most like to work alongside – past or present? Tim Swallow and Chris Grundy
Favourite decade: The 1970s. Having a strong passion for music and music festivals, this environment holds a strong connection for me.
Disposable or digital? I adore the effect of film yet I feel digital allows one to do more. It is the objects you’re capturing/the photos themselves that holds the true interesting and important qualities. Also taking a lot of photos of nature I find digital better quality to capture its intricate details.
Five words or a sentence that sums you up: Free spirited, nature lover, over thinker, artistic/creative and sensitive.
Your photographs are so enriching, soulful and raw, what draws you to this style? Considering myself quite observant, I notice the small things in life that other people might not notice. I aim to capture with a unique approach for example the waters psychedelic patterns, having a sense of what will look good in a photo before taking one.