Mimi Elashiry

Name: Ismeen Marlane Ashraf Elashiry                         
: Libra
Location: Part time Byron, Australia // Part time Los Angeles.
Agencies: KULT Australia // NEXT Models

Self-made and killing it Mimi Elashiry is much more than just a 2-in-1 talent; she is a walking daydream living her life to the fullest. Working out those multi-tasking skills as well as her body this pocket rocket is known to be a model, dancer, blogger, fashion designer, ambassador, MTV reporter, social media sensation and an inspiration to all (plus a hell of a lot more).

Once upon a time in the land of mysteries, Elashiry was set back by her height but like her passion for the ocean she is now making waves, bigger than ever. Whether it’s shooting worldwide or giggling beside her beloved friends and family; life is fast paced for this golden beauty and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It’s scarily easy to get an insight into the magic that occurs both in front of and behind the scenes thanks to her immense Instagram following; living the life of many girls dreams and being a Libra she is seriously kicking goals in the most stylish and healthiest way possible. Known for their kind and gentle mannerisms and admiration for beauty, harmony and peace this empowering beauty is one to adore.

Mimi’s Instagram is an artwork in itself like stepping inside her vivid world, featuring: mesmerising ballet snaps, fluffy stuff, her significant other Adin Taylor, sneak peaks and shoots, clean-living/eating, the ocean, crystals, natural products, her veggie patch, yoga, cheeky snippets of her groovin', the word ‘meemo’ on repeat, the most magical brands and adventures far and wide all wrapped up with the most whimsical captions! What I find immensely engaging is that her account isn’t just a platform to post generic model shots and promote for the sake of it; it’s “a space to thrive”. Staying true to herself along with her integrity this rare beauty provides her audience with an ever uplifting, positive, alluring and unique destination.

To add to the many talents of this creative soul Mimi is just as amazing behind the camera as in front of it! Creating a personal blog @35mimimeter to display her own photography which is all taken on an array of 35mm film cameras, “I wanted to be able to portray the depth and true beauty of moments captured in my everyday life on film. Because digital photos just don't tell a story anymore. On my blog you can expect to see photos from my many travels, any shoots that are shot on film and a more lifestyle approach.... I've included recipes, travel tips, my favourite music... Basically I want to delve deeper into all the things I am really about, from behind my lens.” – Elashiry, M.

If you thought there’s nothing she can’t do, then you’d probably be right. Embracing her inner designer Mimi launched her own exclusive swimwear range ‘CHEEKY SWIM’ in collaboration with Glue Store. Released back in 2015 this collection consists of 16 pieces that reflects her summer vibe and evolving style and what she thought was missing from the market; vintage and feminine infused separates and one-pieces.
View the collection in-store or online here.

                        Fun Facts:
Mimi has had the opportunity and experience to work alongside some of the greatest and most talented influential people in the fashion industry, including: sass & bide, It’s Now Cool, San Lorenzo Bikinis, Realisation Par, Dylan Kain, Neogarments, Dyspnea, babylikestopony, Kay Sukumar, Asos, teenVogue, HLSK, a & p, Off The Rails Mag, Solstice Intimates, Lenni the Label, Sir the Label, House of Cards, Harper’s BAZAAR (Australia), Alice McCall, Ellery, Zulu & Zephyr and that’s just to name a few.

This golden earth child also has a strong connection with crystals evident through an interview with Glue “I wear my crystals everywhere. I have developed such a strong connection with them. My good friend Alicia the founder of Aletheia and Phos cleanses all my crystals before I wear them. I love feeling their energy so close to my heart (I wore them in the Glue Store Spring campaign to give off good energy).”

‘Hippies In The City’ is a guide to natural urban remedies by Rita Balshaw. This book was a turning point for Elashiry; transforming her outlook and life habits becoming her go to bible and a daily part of her life this is a recommended read not only by Mimi but by myself too. “From the second I unwrapped the paper and smelt the dried lavender in the wrapping I knew I was in for something special. Rita's book is life changing and my words won't do it justice. As I turned the pages everything my mums partner had told me was reiterated in such a way that I would never even question it. from recipes, to tips and tricks, hippie advice, chakras, blood type diets, how to be Eco friendly, amazing places to eat around the world... Ugh.. I have to stop.”


Words by Clair Wainwright // Quotes sourced here and here.
Images Source: harpersBAZAAR, Oliver Grand and Mimi’s Instagram/Website.