“It only took my 20 years to fly domestically…”

I have travelled to the other side of the world more times than I’ve travelled in Australia... literally. It took my 20 years to travel to Melbourne but it was worth every part of the wait. Going in early 2016 with my partner in crime we gratefully got to stay with Dylan’s cousins in Prahran. Adventuring out as soon as we arrived to ‘The College Lawn Hotel’, a local spot and good place to have some much needed drinks, overall not a bad arvo in Melbs.

Morning a  fter   breakfast:  ¿por qué no tenemos tanto  .

Morning after breakfast: ¿por qué no tenemos tanto.

One of the nights we did an almost pub crawl of Collingwood and Prahran exploring unknown areas. A highlight of the night would have been ‘Forgotten Worlds’ an arcade themed bar with a slight share house vibe. Slotted on Johnston Street, you can get lost in a childhood game but this time with a cold brew in hand. For the beer lovers out there the 70 something selection should satisfy your thirst. If you're after a good time then head on down. 

Musts: Chapel Street Bazaar and the National Gallery of Victoria.

Living up to its name, Chapel Street Bazaar was a rare and forever mesmerising find. Like walking back in time this place is not to be missed. If you’re like me and love dressing up then the collection of collectable items ranging from the funkiest cowboy boots, leather jackets, denim pieces, vintage tees, dresses and one pieces (the list is truly endless) then this is the dress-up box for you. You name it they’ve got it allocated to individual stalls each thriving with pre-loved goods from clothes, lamps, crystals, furniture, electronics, games, records, instruments, artworks and newspapers - it’s almost a lovechild of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe!  

Source: first three images credit to Vintage Melbourne. 


NGV: Andy Warhol x Ai WeiWei

Talk about good timing, this international exhibition featured two of the most iconic and inspiring artists who continually transform modern art and contemporary life. Being an interactive exhibit this was one sanctuary I could have explored for days. 

What you can also expect to find when wandering the streets of Melbourne.