Keaton Henson

3 in 1: Folk Rock Musician, Visual Artist and Poet. 

I am inspired by real people across the globe, with no need to hunt anymore as the hidden gems are brought to you.  

Talk about talented, Henson lives up to many expectations producing inspirational pieces in numerous forms. 

I first came across one of his artworks scrolling through thousands of images on Tumblr, making me pause, its simplicity took over my mind alluring me to see more. And funnily enough it was around this time that a billion thoughts were darting inside my head like shooting stars coming into form to create this site: electricvibes. This image that stands alone summed up what I wanted to express to the world – ART and MUSIC (along with other creative areas) and the raw and pure sensations that it can bring. 

Note: incredibly soothing tones from his vocals, visually pleasing artworks and vivid poetic descriptions. 

So that is why i am sharing his existence with you. And the unexpected joys life can bring, its flow and connecting tendencies of one thing leading on to another.