Name: Clair Wainwright
Zodiac: Virgo
Warning: A lot of rambling

I have been putting off this dreaded post for too long now, keeping my mind preoccupied with just about anything but this. So here we go, a casual welcome to the world of ELECTRICVIBES and the figure behind the scene. I have been on this earth long enough to get a sense of who I am evolving into but where to actually start… going back to the day I was born seems a bit extreme and what to actually include… I think I need to take this “life story” aspect not so literal.

I have taken it upon myself (because let’s face it no one knows what goes on inside my head and half the time neither do I, with so many strange ideas bouncing around in there electricvibes forms the perfect space to thrive) to bring to you the Stuff That Matters.

A flare and passion for creativeness has surrounded me from a young age being born into a family of wonderful artists. Spending half of my childhood in Australia, the other in England I became quite independent and a strong soul especially after losing my beautiful mother. The world is a raw place and this definitely opened up my eyes to the reality of this thing called life. I struggled a lot being torn between the two countries and moving school and house a billion times, it was safe to say I was experiencing a ‘less than quarter life crisis’. Nowadays I am practicing to live each day with meaning and to do what makes me happy, don’t ever forget that we actually can do anything. Break free from societies expectations and live your life the way you want to remember it: dare to be your true self and embrace any imperfections.

Clair Wainwright's alter ego electricvibes formed back in 2010 where the days of Tumblr thrived, I was much more active on this and I guess you could have labeled me a blogger but any who cheers to Tumblr for providing the goods and bringing this light bulb of an idea into mind. I recall my sister having Instagram and thinking "what the hell is this, this is stupid!" But like most things it soon caught on. Usernames always bugged me too and I just wanted something I could remember and use across multiple sites and out popped electricvibes which has stuck with me and taken me on some joyful rides throughout my youth hood. Branching off and kickstarting spacetothrive (previously known as electricvibesblog) on Instagram is a way to express myself through a collection of like-minded creatives work that has caught my eye and inspired my existence.

Serious Stuff:
2014 UNSW Art & Design Bachelor of Fine Arts: I undertook this course for no apparent reason after getting my HSC other than that I liked art, deep down knowing university wasn’t for me I put this aside to travel.
2016 Fashion and Business Degree: Opening up so many opportunities, experiences and a lifetime of knowledge directing me to where i am today.

On that note, I am here to be me.