aletheia & phos // truth & light

“Inspired by wandering the world,
moved by crystal energy, 
made for him and her, 
worn by you.”

Warning: highly addictive jewellery.

Truth and light are two matters contributing to this unknown world; like a kiss from a lover or watching the sunrise aletheia & phos adopts this not only through the meaning behind the brand name but by the warm and fuzzy sensation that wraps one’s body when layering it with a & p jewels. 

Existing independently from Melbourne, Australia since late 2014 and designed by the talented and creative Alicia Millan, for you. The ethos behind this hand-made jewellery is insanely inspiring, emotionally raw and naturally unique in the best possible way ever; radiating positivity, love, and connection catering for all with no limits or bounds.

Drawing infinite inspiration from the sun, the earth and the moon this is the most down to earth and positively energising jewellery and if that’s not already alluring you in then the fact that each piece signifies our immeasurable love for each other and exists to be shared with them certainly should. From the most intricate and delicate design pieces to stunning statement like qualities (some are not for the faint hearted).

Behind the scenes: Crystal energy is a significant aspect of a & p, being the back bone behind Alicia’s intentions for creating this business and her way “of educating people about the energetic and healing properties of crystals, without shoving it down their throat. If people want to know more they ask. I’m pretty happy with that.” Studying reiki herself this empowering women is one figure behind the scenes that should be recognised for her vision.

It is no secret that I am one amongst many others that are slightly obsessed with crystals at the moment and at first I thought this was just a mighty fine looking jewellery brand with some sweet as meaning behind it but never gave it a second thought however this is one perfect example of misreading something. After some light research I came to the understanding of the deeper meaning behind a & p intriguing me further; transforming my outlook on the simple beauty of life, loved ones and forming a stronger connection with the items especially upon wearing them; I feel like I have a little bit of protection with me at all times.

I first received the I CARRY YOUR HEART bracelet in gold featuring their signature anatomical heart from my significant other a year ago – 1 heart for 1 year (so sentimental it hurts). I expressed my appreciation through an Instagram post (of course) and the response from a & p was amazing; featuring my image on their account and following me back it truly is the little things in life that I treasure affiliating an even stronger connection. 

Can we please just take a moment to appreciate the words behind this brand, you will notice on all products and posts there is a further explanation thriving.

NEW COLLECTION: It’s what we’ve all been waiting for and if you haven’t seen these gems floating around social media then you probably should stop what you’re doing right now and go treasure hunting for their signature hand model and co. because when these beauties launch (really soon) I think it’s safe to say they will be snapped up in a heartbeat.
“It’s been a while since we released some new shiny things, but we promise they're coming, even better than before.” Check it out
here. (preorder available)


Connection: Connection is one of the most powerful feelings we can experience and the aletheia & phos collection features the generator (a unisex pendant), the connector (share with someone you want to stay connected to, wherever you are in the world), the amethyst stalactite and the reflector (a unisex pendant). Note: no two crystals are the same making it that more personal.  

Sirius: “The brightest star in the night sky. Also known as the ‘Dog Star’, belonging to constellation ‘Canis Major’. Sirius is our ode to the 70’s, the brilliant night sky and our connection with people and places we love.” The Sirius collection is composed of bracelets, necklaces and rings. 

I Carry Your Heart: “Inspired by the people in our lives and the immeasurable love we have for them, the ‘I Carry Your Heart’ collection is hand-made to be shared with someone special; your sister, lover, best friend or brother. Share with the person you want to stay connected to, wherever they are in the world. Always carry each other’s heart of gold.”

Collaboration x Mimi Elashiry: The aletheia & phos x Mimi Elashiry collection “is a minimal, unisex range of solid .925 silver, Opal and Rutilated Quartz. Each design is underpinned by the theme of connection; to someone emotionally, physically, or energetically. By sharing our range with someone you love, you share your own connection.” Truly who more perfect then Mimi to work alongside; a spirit so pure and a heart so big that lives and breathes clean living. This range includes a limited edition choker, rings and programmer/protector necklaces.
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Words by Clair Wainwright //
Quotes and images sourced from aletheia & phos.