Orana Fashion Business College

The Orana Experience

Who: Orana Fashion Business College.
What: A private College offering f
ashion and/or business modules. 
Where: Ultimo, Sydney.

When: Online or on campus, with numerous intakes over the year - view the course guide here. 

Orana is much more than your average college; it is a space transforming each and every individual that passes through their doors. Located amongst Sydney’s creative hub and not holding back within, from the interior, design, and layout to the contents, accessibility and support. It is more than safe to say that Orana has not only helped me find my feet in this world but has provided me with lifelong knowledge, skills, connections, friendships, experiences and memories that I will never replace or forget!

A quick little flashback to 2013 when I was fresh out of high school and quite literally had no idea what to do with myself, so I spontaneously applied to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the then College of Fine Arts (UNSW) which I got accepted into for the following year. I would never hold anything negative against COFA; without it I wouldn’t be where I am today but more so without Orana, I wouldn’t be where I am today. After deferring my course and jet setting of into the big wide world I found myself grounded, content and up for anything. Like always I followed my gut instinct (which I highly recommend) and after some research and advice I once again found myself applying to study with Orana Fashion Business College, the process was a breeze and such an exciting time! The moment I stepped inside the college to meet Yvonne Wallace (Founder and Director) and Krystal Ryan (Head Trainer) I knew it was the right thing to be doing.

“At Orana we’re very conscious that Fashion is an art, but also a business, so we’ve made sure our fashion business course gives you a solid grounding in both.” Specialising in and offering separate fully accredited fashion and business modules allowing for high focus and maximum time to thoroughly teach each student the ins and outs of every subject within the course, ensuring the contents is understood and can be applied within the industry and daily life. I couldn’t agree more with the above statement being one with a passion for art, fashion and business – this was the perfect fit for my next stage in life, exploring a new path and welcoming it with open arms.

Every day since being a part of Orana has been a time like no other; the support from Yvonne, Krystal and the then receptionist Sheaj and the now, Laura has been so comforting and helpful. They honestly go above and beyond with assisting all students; guiding us in the right direction and providing us with abundant opportunities from: internships, work placements, workshops, excursions, student support weeks, job positions, guest speakers, and overseas travel. I would highly recommend being involved as much as you can as this is going to assist in building your future in the industry, as Krystal always says “Networking is key!”. I did numerous internships and work placements throughout my time to explore various avenues and it was through these that I got offered a role with the magnificent team I was interning for at Bassike.   

I am feeling incredibly prepared for when my time comes to an end at Orana, I honestly don’t want It to be over but I am one hundred percent going to maintain and stay involved in every way possible. I was lucky enough to already land a position in the fashion industry within only a few months of attending Orana. So if or when I venture out it is so satisfying and reassuring to know that I have already attained the knowledge, practical skills and connections to succeed.

Overall, 11/10 – would recommend! X
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