Industry Experience

Industry Experience: Bassike

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and views on life but one thing that has taught me countless life lessons is internships also known as work placements, what some people may depict as free/unpaid labour or perhaps the best time of your life; whichever way you want to look at it, I truly believe it is a priceless experience and opportunity you shouldn’t let pass by.

Warning: This again is a personal view…money – it isn’t everything.
Money isn’t a big thing; sure it can hold a lot of value when accumulated but it is a possession, it comes and goes. Some people work much harder than others to receive cash flow but it is hard work that pays off and it is 100% worth the wait.

Take it from someone fresh amongst the fashion industry being exposed to numerous happenings since attending ORANA FASHION BUSINESS COLLEGE. One of these ‘happenings’ being my internship with the dream label bassike and oh my what a positive opportunity this has been. I feel everything in life happens for a reason, so let your journey flow and try be patient because it will all work out the way it’s meant to. I won’t lie, there are some horror stories up in the air on internships but in this day and age you can expect to be doing more than just coffee runs with an exception of tea making for yourself (and others – in politness). Don’t fear them or dismiss them in anyway because it could be your new career for however long you let it last.

TIP: Don’t fear *your internship is complete and you’ve gotten nothing out of it except: numerous new skills, knowledge of things you didn’t know existed, a bunch of new contacts, clothes or whatever it is you may have been gifted!* So why the hell not extend that challengingly worthy work experience and keep kicking butt because one day out of the blue as you’re happily living your life, you could (just like me) get offered a job position within the team! To hear those words is one hundred percent worth the wait (no matter how short or long it is) - some things just happen to people in an instant, others years; never compare yourself to anyone else but to the beauty of the soul that you are. So stay true to your dreams and ambitions because you wouldn’t be standing here today, accomplishing, embracing and constantly growing if it wasn’t for the spirit within carrying yourself along the way through the ups and downs to get to your desired destination.