Mimi Elashiry

Name: Ismeen Marlane Ashraf Elashiry                         
: Libra
Location: Part time Byron, Australia // Part time Los Angeles.
Agencies: KULT Australia // NEXT Models

Self-made and killing it Mimi Elashiry is much more than just a 2-in-1 talent; she is a walking daydream living her life to the fullest. Working out those multi-tasking skills as well as her body this pocket rocket is known to be a model, dancer, blogger, fashion designer, ambassador, MTV reporter, social media sensation and an inspiration to all (plus a hell of a lot more).

Once upon a time in the land of mysteries, Elashiry was set back by her height but like her passion for the ocean she is now making waves, bigger than ever. Whether it’s shooting worldwide or giggling beside her beloved friends and family; life is fast paced for this golden beauty and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It’s scarily easy to get an insight into the magic that occurs both in front of and behind the scenes thanks to her immense Instagram following; living the life of many girls dreams and being a Libra she is seriously kicking goals in the most stylish and healthiest way possible. Known for their kind and gentle mannerisms and admiration for beauty, harmony and peace this empowering beauty is one to adore.

Mimi’s Instagram is an artwork in itself like stepping inside her vivid world, featuring: mesmerising ballet snaps, fluffy stuff, her significant other Adin Taylor, sneak peaks and shoots, clean-living/eating, the ocean, crystals, natural products, her veggie patch, yoga, cheeky snippets of her groovin', the word ‘meemo’ on repeat, the most magical brands and adventures far and wide all wrapped up with the most whimsical captions! What I find immensely engaging is that her account isn’t just a platform to post generic model shots and promote for the sake of it; it’s “a space to thrive”. Staying true to herself along with her integrity this rare beauty provides her audience with an ever uplifting, positive, alluring and unique destination.

To add to the many talents of this creative soul Mimi is just as amazing behind the camera as in front of it! Creating a personal blog @35mimimeter to display her own photography which is all taken on an array of 35mm film cameras, “I wanted to be able to portray the depth and true beauty of moments captured in my everyday life on film. Because digital photos just don't tell a story anymore. On my blog you can expect to see photos from my many travels, any shoots that are shot on film and a more lifestyle approach.... I've included recipes, travel tips, my favourite music... Basically I want to delve deeper into all the things I am really about, from behind my lens.” – Elashiry, M.

If you thought there’s nothing she can’t do, then you’d probably be right. Embracing her inner designer Mimi launched her own exclusive swimwear range ‘CHEEKY SWIM’ in collaboration with Glue Store. Released back in 2015 this collection consists of 16 pieces that reflects her summer vibe and evolving style and what she thought was missing from the market; vintage and feminine infused separates and one-pieces.
View the collection in-store or online here.

                        Fun Facts:
Mimi has had the opportunity and experience to work alongside some of the greatest and most talented influential people in the fashion industry, including: sass & bide, It’s Now Cool, San Lorenzo Bikinis, Realisation Par, Dylan Kain, Neogarments, Dyspnea, babylikestopony, Kay Sukumar, Asos, teenVogue, HLSK, a & p, Off The Rails Mag, Solstice Intimates, Lenni the Label, Sir the Label, House of Cards, Harper’s BAZAAR (Australia), Alice McCall, Ellery, Zulu & Zephyr and that’s just to name a few.

This golden earth child also has a strong connection with crystals evident through an interview with Glue “I wear my crystals everywhere. I have developed such a strong connection with them. My good friend Alicia the founder of Aletheia and Phos cleanses all my crystals before I wear them. I love feeling their energy so close to my heart (I wore them in the Glue Store Spring campaign to give off good energy).”

‘Hippies In The City’ is a guide to natural urban remedies by Rita Balshaw. This book was a turning point for Elashiry; transforming her outlook and life habits becoming her go to bible and a daily part of her life this is a recommended read not only by Mimi but by myself too. “From the second I unwrapped the paper and smelt the dried lavender in the wrapping I knew I was in for something special. Rita's book is life changing and my words won't do it justice. As I turned the pages everything my mums partner had told me was reiterated in such a way that I would never even question it. from recipes, to tips and tricks, hippie advice, chakras, blood type diets, how to be Eco friendly, amazing places to eat around the world... Ugh.. I have to stop.”


Words by Clair Wainwright // Quotes sourced here and here.
Images Source: harpersBAZAAR, Oliver Grand and Mimi’s Instagram/Website. 

Orana Fashion Business College

The Orana Experience

Who: Orana Fashion Business College.
What: A private College offering f
ashion and/or business modules. 
Where: Ultimo, Sydney.

When: Online or on campus, with numerous intakes over the year - view the course guide here. 

Orana is much more than your average college; it is a space transforming each and every individual that passes through their doors. Located amongst Sydney’s creative hub and not holding back within, from the interior, design, and layout to the contents, accessibility and support. It is more than safe to say that Orana has not only helped me find my feet in this world but has provided me with lifelong knowledge, skills, connections, friendships, experiences and memories that I will never replace or forget!

A quick little flashback to 2013 when I was fresh out of high school and quite literally had no idea what to do with myself, so I spontaneously applied to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the then College of Fine Arts (UNSW) which I got accepted into for the following year. I would never hold anything negative against COFA; without it I wouldn’t be where I am today but more so without Orana, I wouldn’t be where I am today. After deferring my course and jet setting of into the big wide world I found myself grounded, content and up for anything. Like always I followed my gut instinct (which I highly recommend) and after some research and advice I once again found myself applying to study with Orana Fashion Business College, the process was a breeze and such an exciting time! The moment I stepped inside the college to meet Yvonne Wallace (Founder and Director) and Krystal Ryan (Head Trainer) I knew it was the right thing to be doing.

“At Orana we’re very conscious that Fashion is an art, but also a business, so we’ve made sure our fashion business course gives you a solid grounding in both.” Specialising in and offering separate fully accredited fashion and business modules allowing for high focus and maximum time to thoroughly teach each student the ins and outs of every subject within the course, ensuring the contents is understood and can be applied within the industry and daily life. I couldn’t agree more with the above statement being one with a passion for art, fashion and business – this was the perfect fit for my next stage in life, exploring a new path and welcoming it with open arms.

Every day since being a part of Orana has been a time like no other; the support from Yvonne, Krystal and the then receptionist Sheaj and the now, Laura has been so comforting and helpful. They honestly go above and beyond with assisting all students; guiding us in the right direction and providing us with abundant opportunities from: internships, work placements, workshops, excursions, student support weeks, job positions, guest speakers, and overseas travel. I would highly recommend being involved as much as you can as this is going to assist in building your future in the industry, as Krystal always says “Networking is key!”. I did numerous internships and work placements throughout my time to explore various avenues and it was through these that I got offered a role with the magnificent team I was interning for at Bassike.   

I am feeling incredibly prepared for when my time comes to an end at Orana, I honestly don’t want It to be over but I am one hundred percent going to maintain and stay involved in every way possible. I was lucky enough to already land a position in the fashion industry within only a few months of attending Orana. So if or when I venture out it is so satisfying and reassuring to know that I have already attained the knowledge, practical skills and connections to succeed.

Overall, 11/10 – would recommend! X
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*Museum of Contemporary Art Australia*

Vision: “Engage audiences with contemporary art and ideas through the presentation of a diverse program of exhibitions and special events onsite and offsite. Dedicated to exhibiting, collecting and interpreting the work of today’s artists.”

The Museum of Contemporary Art is an art gallery and space like no other; located in an iconic area of Sydney’s harbour, the MCA opened its doors to the world back in 1991. Undergoing a breathtaking redevelopment in 2012 this transformation introduced spacious galleries on two levels for exhibitions including an entire level dedicated to the MCA Collection: National Centre for Creative Learning. On top of this whilst visiting one can except to see a series of site-specific commissions, take part in a workshop and guided tour or perhaps enjoy a relaxing and satisfying meal at the Rooftop MCA Café overlooking the harbour and end the day off with quick (or extended) stop by the quirky gift shop.

Not many people are aware but the MCA is a not for profit organisation; raising over 70% of its revenue from non-governmental sources. Along with my passion for art and culture this was a major factor as to why I became a member to support a locally based Art Museum that is truly providing the goods. I was also fortunate enough to meet Ciara Timlin, Supporter Engagement Manager of the MCA during a guided tour who interviewed my father and I and took some snaps on the rooftop as pictured below for the MCA Magazine Art Matters (one feature of being a member, along with discounts to the gift shop, cafes and free access to all exhibitions and members lounge).

A trip here is not to be missed nor overlooked; embrace and appreciate the moment, the surroundings, and the creative things in life.

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'Being Tiwi' 
 Grayson Perry: 'My Pretty Little Art Career'
Mikala Dwyer: MCA Collection

All Images are my own.
Thumbnail image: Jessilla Rogers

From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

Who: Jean Paul Gauliter
What: 'From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk' Exhibition
Where: Paris
When: July 2015
Why: Why not! 

Paris is always a good idea and being on the other side of the globe I couldn’t think if anywhere more magical to escape and view a glimpse of the action and creation behind the scene of Gaultier’s fashion world. This iconic travel destination led my travelling partner and I to a vivid space; entering the life of Jean Paul Gaultier and providing us with an opportunity to explore some of the most intricate and intriguing displays of all time.   

This exhibition which took place in 2015 was organised by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in collaboration with Maison Jean Paul Gaultier located at the Grand Palais. Paris was the tenth stop displaying the contents inside the mind of Jean Paul Gaultier and the Grand Palais certainly isn’t an unfamiliar place for either of the two…being not only the location for this ingenious designer’s first fashion show back in October 1976 but also the first exhibition Grand Palais had ever devoted to a fashion designer!

Every element of the showcase was carefully thought out by numerous talent that joined forces to create an unknown world displaying unknown pieces. From the likes of Denis Marleau and Stephanie Jasmin (Montreal theatre company) who used innovative technology to animate the fifty custom-designed mannequins and Odile Gilbert who designed ten realistic hairstyles for them to various fashion photographers and artists who provided the Paris Show with exclusive access to previously unpublished prints.

This was a showcase like no other revolving around seven themes reflecting a timeline of Gaultier’s life, featuring items from his personal history including: childhood teddy bear, snapshots of the designer’s childhood and early muses to sketches, archives, stage costumes, film footage, fashion shows and concerts. And it doesn’t stop there – displaying over one hundred and seventy-five ensembles including a repurposed bustier from his debut collection, the iconic breast-baring jumpsuit Madonna wore in 1992 and costumes designed for the beloved Kylie Minogue, Dita Von Teese and numerous other performers; the astonishing haute couture pieces’ date from 1970 to 2013.Unfortunately, this international exhibition has now come to an end but what an imaginative way to explore and convey how his designs challenge society, gender and aesthetic trends

Industry Experience

Industry Experience: Bassike

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and views on life but one thing that has taught me countless life lessons is internships also known as work placements, what some people may depict as free/unpaid labour or perhaps the best time of your life; whichever way you want to look at it, I truly believe it is a priceless experience and opportunity you shouldn’t let pass by.

Warning: This again is a personal view…money – it isn’t everything.
Money isn’t a big thing; sure it can hold a lot of value when accumulated but it is a possession, it comes and goes. Some people work much harder than others to receive cash flow but it is hard work that pays off and it is 100% worth the wait.

Take it from someone fresh amongst the fashion industry being exposed to numerous happenings since attending ORANA FASHION BUSINESS COLLEGE. One of these ‘happenings’ being my internship with the dream label bassike and oh my what a positive opportunity this has been. I feel everything in life happens for a reason, so let your journey flow and try be patient because it will all work out the way it’s meant to. I won’t lie, there are some horror stories up in the air on internships but in this day and age you can expect to be doing more than just coffee runs with an exception of tea making for yourself (and others – in politness). Don’t fear them or dismiss them in anyway because it could be your new career for however long you let it last.

TIP: Don’t fear *your internship is complete and you’ve gotten nothing out of it except: numerous new skills, knowledge of things you didn’t know existed, a bunch of new contacts, clothes or whatever it is you may have been gifted!* So why the hell not extend that challengingly worthy work experience and keep kicking butt because one day out of the blue as you’re happily living your life, you could (just like me) get offered a job position within the team! To hear those words is one hundred percent worth the wait (no matter how short or long it is) - some things just happen to people in an instant, others years; never compare yourself to anyone else but to the beauty of the soul that you are. So stay true to your dreams and ambitions because you wouldn’t be standing here today, accomplishing, embracing and constantly growing if it wasn’t for the spirit within carrying yourself along the way through the ups and downs to get to your desired destination.   


Zulu & Zephyr

Vision: ‘Made for the sun, the salt & the sea.’
Ultimate girl. Ultimate brand. Ultimate location. 

Zulu & Zephyr is uniquely Australian owned and operated existing as an independent boutique label; it is more than just a brand it is a lifestyle.

Each collection never fails to deliver, staying true to their vision and embracing morning swims the creativity from this sister due radiates off each piece.
They’ve truly got you covered all year round.

View the current collection: Ranger Spring 2016 here.

Website: Zulu & Zephyr
Instagram: @zuluandzephyr

aletheia & phos // truth & light

“Inspired by wandering the world,
moved by crystal energy, 
made for him and her, 
worn by you.”

Warning: highly addictive jewellery.

Truth and light are two matters contributing to this unknown world; like a kiss from a lover or watching the sunrise aletheia & phos adopts this not only through the meaning behind the brand name but by the warm and fuzzy sensation that wraps one’s body when layering it with a & p jewels. 

Existing independently from Melbourne, Australia since late 2014 and designed by the talented and creative Alicia Millan, for you. The ethos behind this hand-made jewellery is insanely inspiring, emotionally raw and naturally unique in the best possible way ever; radiating positivity, love, and connection catering for all with no limits or bounds.

Drawing infinite inspiration from the sun, the earth and the moon this is the most down to earth and positively energising jewellery and if that’s not already alluring you in then the fact that each piece signifies our immeasurable love for each other and exists to be shared with them certainly should. From the most intricate and delicate design pieces to stunning statement like qualities (some are not for the faint hearted).

Behind the scenes: Crystal energy is a significant aspect of a & p, being the back bone behind Alicia’s intentions for creating this business and her way “of educating people about the energetic and healing properties of crystals, without shoving it down their throat. If people want to know more they ask. I’m pretty happy with that.” Studying reiki herself this empowering women is one figure behind the scenes that should be recognised for her vision.

It is no secret that I am one amongst many others that are slightly obsessed with crystals at the moment and at first I thought this was just a mighty fine looking jewellery brand with some sweet as meaning behind it but never gave it a second thought however this is one perfect example of misreading something. After some light research I came to the understanding of the deeper meaning behind a & p intriguing me further; transforming my outlook on the simple beauty of life, loved ones and forming a stronger connection with the items especially upon wearing them; I feel like I have a little bit of protection with me at all times.

I first received the I CARRY YOUR HEART bracelet in gold featuring their signature anatomical heart from my significant other a year ago – 1 heart for 1 year (so sentimental it hurts). I expressed my appreciation through an Instagram post (of course) and the response from a & p was amazing; featuring my image on their account and following me back it truly is the little things in life that I treasure affiliating an even stronger connection. 

Can we please just take a moment to appreciate the words behind this brand, you will notice on all products and posts there is a further explanation thriving.

NEW COLLECTION: It’s what we’ve all been waiting for and if you haven’t seen these gems floating around social media then you probably should stop what you’re doing right now and go treasure hunting for their signature hand model and co. because when these beauties launch (really soon) I think it’s safe to say they will be snapped up in a heartbeat.
“It’s been a while since we released some new shiny things, but we promise they're coming, even better than before.” Check it out
here. (preorder available)


Connection: Connection is one of the most powerful feelings we can experience and the aletheia & phos collection features the generator (a unisex pendant), the connector (share with someone you want to stay connected to, wherever you are in the world), the amethyst stalactite and the reflector (a unisex pendant). Note: no two crystals are the same making it that more personal.  

Sirius: “The brightest star in the night sky. Also known as the ‘Dog Star’, belonging to constellation ‘Canis Major’. Sirius is our ode to the 70’s, the brilliant night sky and our connection with people and places we love.” The Sirius collection is composed of bracelets, necklaces and rings. 

I Carry Your Heart: “Inspired by the people in our lives and the immeasurable love we have for them, the ‘I Carry Your Heart’ collection is hand-made to be shared with someone special; your sister, lover, best friend or brother. Share with the person you want to stay connected to, wherever they are in the world. Always carry each other’s heart of gold.”

Collaboration x Mimi Elashiry: The aletheia & phos x Mimi Elashiry collection “is a minimal, unisex range of solid .925 silver, Opal and Rutilated Quartz. Each design is underpinned by the theme of connection; to someone emotionally, physically, or energetically. By sharing our range with someone you love, you share your own connection.” Truly who more perfect then Mimi to work alongside; a spirit so pure and a heart so big that lives and breathes clean living. This range includes a limited edition choker, rings and programmer/protector necklaces.
Watch the campaign video

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Show your love #apconnection & connect:  

Words by Clair Wainwright //
Quotes and images sourced from aletheia & phos. 

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Spring time sees numerous things bloom including Melbourne Spring Fashion Week in its 22nd year.

From August 26 to September 2, MSFW didn’t hold back on the runway or backstage; launching their 2016 program at RMIT Design Hub and with Isabella Lucas as the face of this event, it wasn’t easy to look away. With 85% of content designed by local Melbourne talent Australia truly promotes both emerging and established designers, retailers, and brands highlighted throughout the 200 events and sessions including six runways.  

From ethereal gowns and dainty headpieces to strikingly structured garments and bold-lipped beauties; it was a magical chance to see the next big creators. Showcasing the work of over 50 designers, featuring: Aurelio Costarella, alice McCall, Bianca Spender, Camp Cove Swim, Carla Zampatti, CristahLea, Gorman, Gwendolynne, Jason Grech, Keepsake The Label, OneDay, Rachel Gilbert and Thurley.

“In 2015, MSFW’s partnership with Vogue Fashion’s Night Out netted local fashion vendors an economic benefit of $8 million” – Robert Doyle, Lord Mayer of Melbourne.
So to add to the excitement, your calendar and Melbourne’s economy, all pieces that were presented on the runways will be available for purchase in the city; no promises on availability.

And that’s a wrap!

Sneak peek behind the scenes.
PhotographersKamilla Musland and Lucas Dawson Photography

Ellery's Shimmering Collection SS16

Australian Founder and Designer Kym Ellery has been one to watch since her major breakout onto the scene in 2007; bursting into the fashion industry with a now global go-to recognition.

Ellery isn’t holding back evident in the most current collection: Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear. Drawing inspiration from the 1969 ‘Wrapped Coast’ by land artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude, the collection explores this project through experimental fabrics and textures to reflect the oceans movements.

From voluminous culottes featuring a peplum hemline and shimmering metallic materials with metal hoops to fluid separates and ruched sundresses with drawstrings, Ellery has got the unconventionally luxurious look covered. 

See the whole collection here. 
Photo Source: Monica Feudi // indigitalimages.com


An emotionally thought out shoot capturing natural beauty Sophie O'Neale on a London Rooftop.

"The inspiration came from creating a shoot that played with subtle imperfections that do not instantly appear but provide a sense of realism to each image". 

Zeum Magazine
: Kelly Rose Hammond
H&MUA: Bobana Paraojcic
Graduate Collection: Alice Newbury  
View the full article here

Keaton Henson

3 in 1: Folk Rock Musician, Visual Artist and Poet. 

I am inspired by real people across the globe, with no need to hunt anymore as the hidden gems are brought to you.  

Talk about talented, Henson lives up to many expectations producing inspirational pieces in numerous forms. 

I first came across one of his artworks scrolling through thousands of images on Tumblr, making me pause, its simplicity took over my mind alluring me to see more. And funnily enough it was around this time that a billion thoughts were darting inside my head like shooting stars coming into form to create this site: electricvibes. This image that stands alone summed up what I wanted to express to the world – ART and MUSIC (along with other creative areas) and the raw and pure sensations that it can bring. 

Note: incredibly soothing tones from his vocals, visually pleasing artworks and vivid poetic descriptions. 

So that is why i am sharing his existence with you. And the unexpected joys life can bring, its flow and connecting tendencies of one thing leading on to another.