Space To Thrive

A supportive space to celebrate creativity; with a vision to create a safe place for the community and an aim to recognise the contribution of artists, who are doing their little bit to make the world a brighter place. A journal of interviews, personal artworks, artist collaborations, reviews, inspirational images/quotes, music and a heck of a lot more…
Let’s keep it real.


Clair Wainwright has spent a whole lot of her time travelling, having grown up between Australia and the UK. Living in roughly twenty houses in twenty-three years; she has the ability to make anywhere a home, including Space to Thrive. Currently working full-time in the fashion industry, Clair makes sure to balance out work-social-personal life. She loves a good sleep in, creating art, interviewing artists and musicians, basking in nature, dancing at live gigs, practicing yoga, surrounding herself with friends/family, patting dogs and eating food she can’t afford.
Clair’s love for music journalism began with writing for LunchBox TV. Venturing out on her own, she has now interviewed some of the top Australian artists and musicians.
With a vision to bring anyone and everyone together through SPACE TO THIRVE - explore, discover, connect and support.


Clair’s artworks are available to purchase, please email or contact her through FB or Instagram.
Taking Commissions.

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"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."- George Bernard Shaw